Ahoy there
Welcome to the home of the Dockside Swashbucklers kids club. Help Buccaneer Billy to rid the Dockside waters of the evil Captain Chatham. Click here to find out more about our pirate-themed kids club activities and become a member today.
Free car parking...
Dockside has one main outdoor car park with easy access
to the shopping centre. The centre car park opens one
hour before and closes one hour after the shopping centre.
FREE parking is available for the first four hours of your trip.
More of what you love
The Range is now bigger and better than ever!
Plus, Clarks has had a makeover and is now reopen.
Spend less, get even more.
  • Clarks
  • Pavers Shoes
  • Pavers Shoes
  • Rectella
  • Rectella
  • Rectella
  • Double Two